here in pilah

salam.hye all.

lma dah x update blog neh.we have been seperated.umi was sent to jengka.amy to melacca.and the rest of us are here in pilah.

life in pilah?sucks.i dun wanna comment bout it.lots of problem.students and discrimination.takpa lah.trying very hard to adapt ourselves.pfftt~

lets talk bout our class.we registered in DBS3E1.for the 1st time the guys conquer the class.salunya majoriti perempuan but in our class dah terbalik.tapi tak beza banyak mana pun.oke la tuh.

so far semua class dah ada lecturers except for mandarin class.memang la best klas tadak tapi nnt susah oke.siang malam kna attend replacement week start replacement class for english.means that mggu raya nanti tadak klas english dah.

what else,huh?enough for now kott.will update again next time oke.have a nice weekend people.;)