exam results ; 2nd sem

sekarang neh demam bola dah mula
tapi takmau cakap pasal bola
nak cakap pasal results
tapi bukan results bola!
yang tuh tengok berita sudah

results examination okeh
last Thursday results untuk students UITM dah keluar
sapa yang berjaya check result dy hari kames angkat tangan!
aku nak bagi hadiah

haaa tengok!
baek gila aku
tak dapat dekan pun aku nak bagi hadiah jugak

so kat sini nak congratulates lah
dekat sapa-sapa yang berjaya
yang tak berjaya pun tahniah jugak
jangan nangeh weh
tak syoq lah asik berjaya ja

results kami?
tanya next sem lah


My 9teen Birthday y'all :D

4 June 2010, I am 19 now :D

Syira ask me to update our blog, i think its been a month or more than a month, i didnt open , read and update our geng selekeh blog. Im sorry guys ! Okay, now i'll share with you guys what's happening on my 9teen birthday :D
A few days before my birthday, QARIE ---> MY BESTFREN call me and ask me what im going to do on my birth-day, then i answered to him that i didnt have any plan yet so he ask me to go out with him to celebrate my birthday :) and i answered YEAHH suree, why not kann. Plus, my boyfie are at Mekah, performed umrah. He's not here to celebrate my birthday :( but its okay, he went there for a GOOD things :D

Friday, 4 june 2010, 2.30 pm,

Zara come to my house, me, zara and yap waiting for Zara's bf ---> Afif to pick us and bring us to Sunway Pyramid. In a mean time, Qarie already reach there and waiting for me. After we reach Sunway Pyramid, i call Qarie and ask him where to meet, and we end up met up at bowling :) . Burger king is a place where we're having a LUNCH. Qarie bought me and my lil bro a set oh chicken royale :D. After that, we spent our time with playing bowling, playing some games at playwork. Taking some pictures, we had so much fun :D
Ohh, this is the best part ! While we're walk around the shopping mall, zara's phne ringing, and i see FIFIEY's name on the screen. Zara answered the phne and keep herself away from me, from that i smells something. I guess fifiey want make a surprise for me :) but da terKANTOI laah kan, hehe. Then dieorg kata jom lepak SUP KAWW. Andd isaid lets go ! We're heading to sup kaw with Afif's car :) Da sampai tu, kteorg duduk duduk and order air utk diminum *penat nak tulis eng. Haha xD. Qarie ajak HAFIZ his bestfriend to join us, and a few miutes later hafizz pun sampai. I guess dlm 30 minutes mcm tu fie sampai. I thought theres only FIE come to make a surprise for me, buttt i was wrong. MIMIE pun ade ! :D dieorg datang pegang kek yg comel, balloons and they sang a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for me. Comel sangat dieorg :DD I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OKAY ! Then kteorg borak borak, ade yg shisha. And makan cake, and afif main celit cake dekat kiteorg. Haha best je, THANK YOU AFIF, ZARA ! You guys memeriahkan suasana :)
Ohh yea, zara gave me a CUTE LOVELY TEDDY PURSE and ibu gave me A BABY LOTION :) thank you sayangku zara and ibu, love youu so much ! :) we lepak there until 12 something, and after that baru blk rumah. I spent my whole day with my friends and my lil bro :D okay laah, sampai sini je my 19th birthday story. THANK YOU SEMUA YG WISH, love you guys ! Muahh muahh *hugs and kisses from me :)) okay, here are some pic i wanna share with you guys ;)

UiTM Jengka

salam ;)

my last post i dah post bout uitm kuala pilah
so to be fair and squre this time i post pulak about uitm jengka
banyak ni ja gambar yang dapat
actually there's lots of pictures
but..pictures yang ada muka orang lain lah
biasa la kan kalau mintak tolong dengan incik google
haha :DD

credit to uitm website

credit to uitm website

p/s :

Umi Nasirah & Amelia Fhazleen
u guys will be happy here