'enhance your true potential'

3 of us amy,awok n syira
went to 'enhance your true potential' workshop
at foodcourt,alamanda college

it was started at 9am and end around 1.20pm
what a long workshop,huh??
there were 3 panel
overall they talked about self-confidence and motivation

attendence sheet

all the 3 panel are very handsome
yes i repeat again
they are very handsome
oke fine i lied
only one of them is handsome

i personally did get something from that 'ceramah'
especially when test 2 and final exam just around the corner
lots of things haven't done yet

here are the tips that i've got ;
  • relax
  • positive thinking
  • make thought become things
  • i HAVE this thing,not i WANT this thing
  • and blablabla =p

ermm,what else??
we also got a certificate for attending that workshop

with love,

semut merah

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