My 9teen Birthday y'all :D

4 June 2010, I am 19 now :D

Syira ask me to update our blog, i think its been a month or more than a month, i didnt open , read and update our geng selekeh blog. Im sorry guys ! Okay, now i'll share with you guys what's happening on my 9teen birthday :D
A few days before my birthday, QARIE ---> MY BESTFREN call me and ask me what im going to do on my birth-day, then i answered to him that i didnt have any plan yet so he ask me to go out with him to celebrate my birthday :) and i answered YEAHH suree, why not kann. Plus, my boyfie are at Mekah, performed umrah. He's not here to celebrate my birthday :( but its okay, he went there for a GOOD things :D

Friday, 4 june 2010, 2.30 pm,

Zara come to my house, me, zara and yap waiting for Zara's bf ---> Afif to pick us and bring us to Sunway Pyramid. In a mean time, Qarie already reach there and waiting for me. After we reach Sunway Pyramid, i call Qarie and ask him where to meet, and we end up met up at bowling :) . Burger king is a place where we're having a LUNCH. Qarie bought me and my lil bro a set oh chicken royale :D. After that, we spent our time with playing bowling, playing some games at playwork. Taking some pictures, we had so much fun :D
Ohh, this is the best part ! While we're walk around the shopping mall, zara's phne ringing, and i see FIFIEY's name on the screen. Zara answered the phne and keep herself away from me, from that i smells something. I guess fifiey want make a surprise for me :) but da terKANTOI laah kan, hehe. Then dieorg kata jom lepak SUP KAWW. Andd isaid lets go ! We're heading to sup kaw with Afif's car :) Da sampai tu, kteorg duduk duduk and order air utk diminum *penat nak tulis eng. Haha xD. Qarie ajak HAFIZ his bestfriend to join us, and a few miutes later hafizz pun sampai. I guess dlm 30 minutes mcm tu fie sampai. I thought theres only FIE come to make a surprise for me, buttt i was wrong. MIMIE pun ade ! :D dieorg datang pegang kek yg comel, balloons and they sang a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for me. Comel sangat dieorg :DD I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OKAY ! Then kteorg borak borak, ade yg shisha. And makan cake, and afif main celit cake dekat kiteorg. Haha best je, THANK YOU AFIF, ZARA ! You guys memeriahkan suasana :)
Ohh yea, zara gave me a CUTE LOVELY TEDDY PURSE and ibu gave me A BABY LOTION :) thank you sayangku zara and ibu, love youu so much ! :) we lepak there until 12 something, and after that baru blk rumah. I spent my whole day with my friends and my lil bro :D okay laah, sampai sini je my 19th birthday story. THANK YOU SEMUA YG WISH, love you guys ! Muahh muahh *hugs and kisses from me :)) okay, here are some pic i wanna share with you guys ;)