final exam


yes i know. it has been a while after the last post. sorry much. just did not have enough mood to blog.

anyway, we are now are sitting for our final examination. it's part 3 yoo. next sem is part 4,insya Allah. two more papers to go and then we are done. cant wait !

here, study sorang sorang dalam bilik masing masing. rindu zaman muda mudi dekat Alamanda. we all akan gathered dekat hall, under the fan, facing the balcony. Buku buku, notes,calculators bersepah atas lantai. studying and gossiping. hee ;)

dont have much pictures here. next time okay. :)

oh ya, a week before study week Mira and I went to Melacca, to meet Amy of course. Najibah and Umi was not there. tak lengkap Geng Selekeh. somehow, still glad that we are still be able to meet regardless of time and distance. Amy, thank a lot for being our driver and tourist guide. We had so much fun rite ? and tak lupa jugak Faeez the photographer and the driver as well. thank you guys.

till we meet again, Amy.